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Understanding Class

What is Class?

Socio-economic privilege actually doesn't mean being super rich. It means one could afford things like going to summer camp or playing after-school sports. It means being able to afford to attend college, or being able to afford putting oneself in debt in order to go to college. It means being able to afford a full-time, unpaid internship.

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How Tech Companies Get Richer Than Ever – And Make Everyone Else Struggle

Tech companies are increasingly generating more revenue, yet doing little to support people in the communities around them who are struggling to afford rising rents. Learn more about the ramifications of this gentrification.

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Privilege and inequality in Silicon Valley

In this piece, Ricky Yean details the unique challenges of growing up with a low-income background and entering the tech sector, often filled with people knowing little of their socioeconomic privilege. This piece details many of the mindset challenges he faced during his college years and early career and how that impacted his approach to entrepreneurship.

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