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Understanding Feminism

What is Feminism?

A person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes

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Anonymous Stories of Women in Tech

Women often face different struggles and comments because of their gender. This article features several responses from women in technical fields discussing how they've been treated and comments that they've received. Read these if you want to better understand the struggles women can face in their working environments.

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What Is Emotional Labor, and How Does it Affect Your Marriage?

Women are often expected to do "invisible" tasks without question (cleaning dishes, meal prep, etc.) as well as remind their partner to do their share. Rather than waiting to be asked to help, this article reminds you to think of the relationships you're in and whether you're contributing your fair share and discusses the origins of these "norms."

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You should’ve asked

This comic provides examples showing cases in which women are often tasked to manage projects/tasks both in the home and at work and the emotional load that creates.

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